What We Do

Elev8® brings together schools, families and other community partners in low-income areas — to ensure that students succeed in middle school and beyond.

Part of a growing movement of community schools around the country, Elev8:

  • Extends learning opportunities for students beyond the classroom and traditional school year;
  • Provides high-quality school-based health services to children and their families;
  • Encourages parents to be actively involved in their children's education; and
  • Offers family supports and resources designed to promote economic stability, good health and continuing education.

Individually, these components play a pivotal role in children's lives. Elev8 thoughtfully integrates them because we believe an approach that considers the whole child and their family will have the greatest impact.

We focus on the middle grades because those years are a time of critical transition for young people. Elev8 aims to ensure that by the time students finish 8th grade, they are prepared for high school and go on to graduate.

Elev8 looks different in every participating school, as community members identify local needs and create solutions. Students and families become advocates for improving education and expanding access to critical resources in their community.

Watch a video about Elev8 produced by Firelight Media. View a flyer about Elev8.

Learn more about what is happening in Elev8 Baltimore, Elev8 Chicago, Elev8 New Mexico and Elev8 Oakland.

On average, students’ GPAs drop a full letter grade between eighth and ninth grades. Students who experience this decline in GPA are by no means doomed to failure, especially if they live in neighborhoods where they can access support services. However, for students who are already struggling and lack access to help (a common scenario in low-income neighborhoods), a decline in grades during this transition makes it even harder to get on track toward graduation.
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